Our Programs and Publications

Our Programs and Publications

SRCOG has a number of programs it offers and has commissioned two studies in support of its member municipalities. To learn more about them, just click on one of the links:

EPA Brownfield Assessments In 2012 the Environmental Protection Agency awarded a grant to Tri-COG Collaborative to locate and complete site assessments throughout the Mon Valley. Click on the link to see the progress we’ve made.

CDBG Management – Every year Allegheny County distributes the Community Development Block Grant to SRCOG. See how our municipal partners have been using it.

Blight Busters – Once a month our COG creates a space to talk about blight; how it affects our communities, and more importantly, what others in the region are doing to stem its growth.

The Cost of BlightWe all know that blight costs, both in terms of a government’s ability to efficiently distribute services and homeowners trying to preserve their savings in their property, what we don’t know is the degree to which it affects us. In October 2013, the Tri-COG released a study which puts a figure on blight’s costs and the bottom line for residents and governments alike. 

Land BankingWhat was once just an idea passed around in municipal circles as a way to address abandonment and dilapidation throughout our communities, land banking is now taking hold in Allegheny County. See what SRCOG have been doing to prepare for this new tool to combat blight in our region.