Brown Field Project

Tri-COG Brownfield Project


The banks of the Monongahela river has seen its fair share of steel, coke, and glass factories. Apart from a few remaining functioning facilities, many of these industrial sites have been abandoned and forgotten. In conjunction with the EPA and KU Resources, the Tri-COG is trying to change just that. Charged with locating not only these old relics but also those other site which might fall through the cracks the Tri-COG has slowly been cataloging and assessing a number of sites throughout its jurisdiction.

Program Statistics:

Number of Identified Brownfields: 286

Number of Large Developable Sites: 19

Number of Sites with Phase I Assessments in Progress or Completed: 7

Number of Sites with Phase II Assessments in Progress or Completed: 6

 Brownfields in the Tri-COG

Brownfield Smaller

Petroleum Sites Parcels which may be contaminated with oil or oil based substances

Developable BrownfieldsParcels or an assemblage of parcels with an area of 15 acres. In addition these sites have characteristics conducive to development where they are both mostly clear of structures and flat and clear of trees or other obstructive elements

Identified Brownfields Parcels which did not fit the definition of “a developable brownfield”. Include smaller site like abandoned gas stations, dry cleaners and storage tanks

You can download the above map at the following link: Tri-COG Brownfield Map

For more information or to receive a more detailed version of this map please contact SRCOG Offices at 412 – 462- 7600