Effects of Vacant Land

For decades regions of Allegheny County served as economic engines that drove the national economy. In the early 1900’s the region was responsible for half of the nation’s steel production and was a leader in coal production. In the latter half of the twentieth century, many different communities throughout Allegheny County began to lose their industrial base with the closure of steel plants and coal product facilities. After decades of disinvestment, the spread of blight created strain on municipal services to address decaying infrastructure.

The Financial Impacts of Blight revealed the negative effects blighted properties have on residential property values; however the quantifiable effect of blighted residential lots had not been analyzed in Allegheny County. This study was conducted to determine the effects of stable vacant lots, blighted vacant lots, and green infrastructure improvements on residential property values in Allegheny County. 

The study determined that on average across Allegheny County, stable vacant lots are estimated to increase surrounding home values by 1.6% which suggests that maintaining properties has a positive effect on communities. Please select the links below to access the executive summary and entire report.


Effect of Vacant Land Executive Summary

Effect of Vacant Land Report