Creating Sustainable Solutions
to Local Challenges


A COG, or a council of governments, is a membership organization made up of boroughs, cities, and townships within a region. COGs provide structured support for municipalities to collaborate on projects that will create regional benefit and save money and other resources.  Municipal members can access shared equipment, facilities, and programs that a single municipality may not be able to obtain on its own. COG services can alleviate some demand on municipal staff and provide more time for them to address other matters.

Key facts about COGs:



The idea of local governments working together is not new. Townships, boroughs, and cities routinely cooperate with neighboring municipalities. Cooperation has become a normal business practice across the state, in communities of all sizes.


COGs do not have taxing power, nor can they exercise any power not specifically granted by the member communities. Their programs are largely funded by the municipalities through dues and service fees or federal and state government grants.

A COG is not the formation of another layer of government or any attempt at local government consolidation. It is simply a tool for local governments to share programs and equipment.