SRCOG is one of 10 local organizations participating in Allegheny County Health Department’s Air Quality Amabassdors program. The goal of this program is to increase subscribers to Allegheny Alerts, which will notify residents when air quality monitors in the Mon Valley are registering high enough amounts of pollution to issue an Air Quality Watch or an Air Quality Warning.

In partnership with Turtle Creek Valley COG and Trailblaze Creative, SRCOG is developing promotional materials about this program for its members to share with their residents. Additionally, the Allegheny County Health Department has also developed materials to share, which are available for download below:

Through participation in the Air Quality Ambassadors program, SRCOG will expand our members’ capacity to communicate with residents and speak with a shared regional voice on environmental health issues. The COG’s coordination on this issue will multiply the impact of each town’s individual efforts and facilitate a coordinated campaign across municipal boundaries. By increasing subscribers to Allegheny Alerts and educating residents on how air quality is measured and what steps can be taken to prevent exposure, we will help to protect residents across the Mon Valley from developing chronic health issues as a result of air toxin exposure.