Creating Sustainable Solutions
to Local Challenges


Important infrastructure improvements must be made on a regular basis to maintain a safe, functioning community. Over the years, SRCOG has secured and administered grants to repave roads, replace and install sewer lines, and build new play spaces for our children. These funds also remove hazards, such as blighted and abandoned buildings, to create safer neighborhoods and improve property values.

Bid Results

2021 – BRP – 029 – White Oak

2021 – BRP – 026 – Homestead, W. Homestead, Munhall

CD 47 – 3.12.8 – Hays Street Storm Sewer

CD 47 – 3.11.8 – SND, Forward Township

2021 – BRP – 034 – Lincoln

July 21, CD 47 3.3 S 5th Street Waterline

CD 47-7.6 Road Reconstruction, Whitaker Borough

CD 47 – 3.3 & 2021-CITF-076 South 5th Street Waterline, Duquesne

20-GEDTF-050 Demolition of Old Liberty School

2019-CITF-041 Plum Street Improvements Phase 6, Elizabeth

2021-CITF-083 Street Reconstruction, Elizabeth

CD 47 – 3.3 & 2021-CITF-076 South 5th Street Waterline, Duquesne

47 – 3.12.5, Sanitary Sewer Replacement, CMA

47 – 7.6 (a) Street Reconstruction, Braddock Hills Borough

 47 – 7.6 (b), Road Reconstruction, Whitaker Borough

47 – 7.6 (f) Catch Basin Replacement, Munhall Borough

CD 47 – 3.11.5 Safe Neighborhood Demolition, Port Vue Borough

2019-CITF-041 – 07.29.21 Plum Street Improvements Phase 6 – Elizabeth Borough

CD 46-3.11.15 Demolition, Elizabeth Borough

CD 46-3.11.14 Demolition, Dravosburg Borough

GEDTF-044 Center St. Ext. Landslide Remediation Retaining Wall, White Oak Borough

CD 46 – 3.10.4 McLean Playground Drainage Improvements Phase 2, Homestead Borough

19-GEDF-039 Public Safety Training Center Firing Range Backstop Improvements

CD 46-3.11.13 Demolition, Port Vue Borough

CD-46-7.6 Street Reconstruction Homestead Borough

CD-46-7.6 Maple Ave. Street Reconstruction Elizabeth Borough

CD-46-7.6 Liberty Way Street Reconstruction Port Vue Borough

CD-46-7.6 Indiana Ave. Street Reconstruction Glassport Borough

CD-46-7.6 Catch Basin Replacement Munhall Borough

CD-46-3.12.16 Sanitary Sewer Replacement CMA

CD-46-3.12.15-B Street Storm Sewer Liberty Borough

CD-46-3.10.4 McLean Playground Drainage Imp Phase 2 Homestead Borough

CD-46-3.3 Street Reconstruction City of Duquesne

CD-46-3.3 Polish Hill Playground City of Duquesne

19-GEDF-041 West Street Reconstruction Homestead Borough

19-GEDF-039 Public Safety Training Center Backstop Imp, SRCOG

CD 45-3.11.14 Safe Neighborhood Demolition, City of Duquesne

19-GEDF-041 West Street Reconstruction, Homestead Borough

CD 45-3.12.24 Safe Neighborhood Demolition Glassport Borough

CD 45-3.12.13 Safe Neighborhood Demolition Whitaker Borough