Improving the Future of the Mon Valley

SRCOG is tackling some of the Mon Valley’s biggest community issues through ongoing projects. While the short term maintenance of our towns is important to community safety and prosperity, these projects will make an impact in the near future and support future residents. These are our legacy projects that will make the Mon Valley a better place to live long term.

Health Access

With funding from the Jefferson Regional Foundation, SRCOG is working with the Allegheny County Health Department to assess the healthcare needs and availability of care in the Mon Valley.

Tri-COG Land Bank

Steel Rivers COG and Turtle Creek Valley COG led a regional effort to address blight and created Tri-COG Land Bank (TCLB), which revitalizes neighborhoods by transitioning blighted properties to beneficial reuse. TCLB is committed to a transparent and community-driven process that benefits both municipalities and their residents.

Waterfront Maintenance Fund

On behalf of Homestead, Munhall and West Homestead, SRCOG manages a fund and administers projects to maintain the multi-municipal business district that spans The Waterfront development.