Regional Building Inspection Program

The Regional Building Inspection Program consists of building inspection, electrical inspection, building plan review, fire prevention, and mechanical inspections. User fees established by issuing required permits will be the primary source of funding for this program. Fees will provide for the administration, field inspection, and follow-up for each permit. This program, which is administered by Building Inspection Underwriters of PA, Inc., also provides additional services of Code Enforcement and Zoning Administration.

Code Enforcement Tracking Software

SRCOG is partnering with Turtle Creek Valley COG to make its cloud-based code enforcement software available to Mon Valley municipalities.

Property Management Database

The Property Management Database supports code enforcement and municipal permit management. It is populated with property and owner information and designed to enable communities to manage all properties, code violations, rental properties, and municipal permits in one central place. By streamlining data entry and automating routine tasks, the Property Management Database keeps municipal officials informed in real time. Additionally, code officers can pursue data-driven enforcement both reactively and proactively in their communities.